Start providing personalized customer service


Start providing personalized customer service

Personalized customer service, and a personalized customer experience, means that a business 1) knows its customers and their needs, and 2) is willing and able to provide them as efficiently as possible. This is sometimes called personalization at scale: where software solutions help provide the context necessary for assisting customers in need or pointing them efficiently to what they want. Data provided by these solutions allows teams to follow the customer journey and make more personalized recommendations for items of interest. This could mean knowing whether the customer already bought a shower curtain and ensuring it isn’t offered up as something they might want.

There is a bevy of upsides for personalizing your customer service, but implementing processes to support it can be a tightrope walk, according to Zendesk Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Titterton, speaking at the CX Exchange conference for Retail, Travel and Hospitality in 2019. For example, consumers are rightly more aware of and concerned about how their personal data is being used, but they are willing to give you some of that data to enhance your understanding of their needs. They don’t want to be spammed, but they do seek and accept well-timed, appropriate messages sent through their preferred channels, be it email, text, preferred messaging app, or some combination thereof.

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